Energy, Mining & Petroleum

The firm is comprised of a specialized team of experts and legal professionals, well versed in corporate commercial transactions with specific emphasis on Energy Law.

The firm provides specialized legal services for Energy, Oil and gas companies, developers, government and significant users of energy services etc.

We provide unique and flexible legal services, tailored to deliver maximum benefit to our clients, and real-time solutions to legal problems.

  1. Specialist advice in Renewable Energy i.e. Geothermal Power projects, Wind Farming, Hydro, Solar, biomass etc
  2. Offer specialist advise in Oil & Gas
  3. Drafting & Negotiation of Energy business contracts which include Joint Venture Agreements, Private Public Partnership Agreements, Private Equity Agreements, Concession Agreements, Production Sharing Agreements, Fixed Term Electricity Agreements
  4. Utility Service Energy contracts for the Electricity subsector i.e Area Wide, Basic Ordering Agreements and Model Agreements etc
  5. Advise on Energy regulatory and compliance.
  6. Advise on regulatory, legislative or statutory powers, duties, obligations, rights and compliance issues specific to the industry.


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