Intellectual Property Law

The firm advises local and international clients on all aspects of intellectual property, including, but not limited to, registrations, assignments and renewal of trademarks, industrial designs, patents, and utility models and registered user and license agreements for local and overseas clients, registration of patents and industrial designs under the Kenya Industrial Property Act, the Patents Cooperation Treaty and the ARIPO protocol, payment of annual maintenance fees on behalf of clients, advising on copyright, registration of plant breeders's rights including filing applications for grant of such rights and liaising with the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Services (KEPHIS).

The firm also undertakes media and entertainment law related transactions and advisory services. Media has always been traditionally conceived as comprising print publications, radio and television.

Now media has been forced to enlarge and encompass Cinema, video, computer games, mobile telephony content and software and the internet including blogs and social networking sites, thus providing a much larger field than initially conceptualized.

The firm therefore seeks to service the various legal issues the industry faces through review, drafting and negotiation of contracts as well as ensuring development by offering regulatory advisory services.


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