Legal and Governance Audits

The firm of KMBERIA and Partners Advocates consists of a team of fully trained staff sufficiently equipped with the right amount of skill required to conduct legal and governance audits.

We are committed to ensure that our clients are in compliance with the provisions of the legal and regulatory framework affecting the day to day activities within these organizations. The firm also boasts of a large client base including government bodies, on behalf of which has taken part in identifying the risks pertinent to the conduct of business in order to ensure they are resolved in due time to avoid both predictable and unpredictable liabilities and hence achieve the set goals

  1. Design and implementation of a Legal and Governance Audit Strategy
  2. Design and implementation of a Legal and Governance Audit Plan
  3. Preparation and thereafter interpretation of Legal and Governance Audit Reports
  4. Advising organizations on governance compliance management and control to ensure that the company's goals, structure and ongoing operations are symmetrical with the latest developments in business and corporate law.
  5. Reviewing key documents and organization records among others.


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